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80 years of Amateur Radio in the city of Lviv
[Amateur Radio History (1924 -1939)].

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Before embarking on actual story of the Radio Society in the city of Lviv, one should give brief outline of the hobby, which by now has millions of followers. Before first World War, a lot of professional engineers, styled themselves as amateurs. It was a new science and possibly the name which is almost synonymous with the radio development, is that of Gugliemo Marconi, who was proud to call himself Amateur! The War, produced technological advances, but almost stopped Amateur Radio.
In USA, restrictions were lifted in 1919 and 200m band became available for experiments. During 1921/1922 tests were made for long distance communication on higher frequencies, resulting in the first transatlantic contact between Schnell - 1MO, Reinhartz - 1XM and French amateur Deloy - 8AB in 1923.
During 1924, ARRL was represented at Radio Conferences allocating frequencies to different services and eventually secured allocation of 80, 40, 20, 10 and 5 m bands to amateurs. This was the start of Amateur Radio, throughout the world.
Polish amateurs were on the air at the beginning of 1924. There were only 21 registered stations. Most prominent was TPAR - Jan Ziembicki of the city of Lviv. In the following years there was a lot of activity, TPPB, TTBF, TPBI, TPCF and TPCG were most active.

LKK founders
Up till 1926, there was no official body to represent interests of Amateurs. In December 1926, TPAR - Jan Ziembicki, TPBB - S. Kozlowski, TPBF - W. Fridman, TPBG - J. Koziel, TPCF - W. Oleksin and TPCG - S. Komarnicki, formed first Radio Society in Poland and registered the name as Lwowski Klub Krotkofalowcow - LKK.

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