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75 years of Amateur Radio in the city of Lviv (continue)
[Amateur Radio History (1924 -1939)].

Similar Society or Clubs as they were called, were formed in Warsaw, Kracow, Wilno and other principal cities in Poland. It should be stated, that the Amateur radio at the time was very expensive pastime in Poland, cost of the single tube was same as cost of man's suite!
Mr. S. Kozlowski became the first Chairman of LKK and Mr. J. Ziembicki Secretary.

Jan Zembicki
In June 1927, LKK organized first ever Exhibition of Amateur radio equipment Membership of LKK and other Society's started to increase, as the benefits of being a member became apparent. QSL cards became important and in December 1928, LKK devised a system of QSL Managers for different areas of the country. In 1929 LKK has occupied a fifth place in Europe (after USSR, England, France and Belgium) on the number of Radio Amateur Stations and second place in Europe (after England) on the number of DX - men. In 1929 Poland legalized prefix SP for Amateur Stations and TP was no longer used. LKK applied for Membership of IARU and this was grantedin 1930. In the meantime, steps were taken to organize Polish Radio Society (PZK), to cover areas outside LKK and in February 1930, PZK came into being. IARU granted membership to PZK in 1933 and this information was published in QST - April 1933.
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